Our Story

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Solve Business School (SBS) is a school specialized in Entrepreneurship and International Leadership with the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. Being one of the top entrepreneurial school in Europe and the world, the school provides top-standards degree Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s in Entrepreneurship and International Leadership both on-campus as well as online. SBS has the teaching faculty comprising of the graduates and faculty members of the best universities around the world.

In the world leading towards globalization, Solve Business School provides an innovative approach to the modernized education system with its top-notch courses with theoretical and most importantly practical approaches. SBS provides Diploma, Under-graduate as well as Graduate studies that are set to challenge students and enable them to develop skills necessary to face the real-world challenge. Education at SBS is not limited to on-campus learning only. It provides an opportunity for students to learn in their own comfort zone with the best entrepreneurship studies online making education accessible to learners from various corners of the world. The courses are designed in such a way that every graduate will receive an ample amount of theoretical and practical knowledge to immediately initiate their professional life.

At SBS, we believe that most of the global programs are not efficient because they do not fit the practical sophistication of reality. Solve Business School provides you with the best tools and solution-oriented education. Step after step, the SBS team will drive you into the deep process of building an entrepreneurial mindset and help you achieve the mindset of a disciplined entrepreneur.

Solve Business School aims to provide an environment where the learners from different background can acquire knowledge by the means of interaction, networking, and exposure. It also helps students to connect and grow their own network. The courses set at SBS are aimed to provide an insight to the entrepreneurial mind which would help students groom themselves as the leaders of tomorrow.


“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”

Peter Drucker – Wise

Why Choose SBS?

SBS will provide you an education that will challenge you to become the best and will also teach you how. SBS will provide you a transformational degree that will groom you both personally as well as professionally.

Learn With Ease
Learn with your ease

Besides the on-campus course, Solve Business School also offers online campus where one can get enrolled any time. The course is completely flexible and allows you to gain knowledge according to your comfort zone.

Best Combination of theoretical and practical knowledge
Best Combination of theoretical and practical knowledge

At Solve Business School, we give you the best combination of theoretical and practical knowledge through annual field visits and participation in different events.

International Exposure
International Exposure

In this globalized world, Solve Business School understands the importance of international exposure hence provides opportunity to participate in the international events once during the course period.

Quality Education
Quality Education

Solve Business School assures you the best education as all our faculty are highly qualified and affiliated with the best educational institutes around the world. Also, SBS has accreditation from the universities all around the world.

Assignment based assessments
Assignment based assessments

As Solve Business School believes in knowledge and skills of the students has received rather than the marks obtained. Therefore, all the students will be judged through the assignments they have submitted.


The courses offered by Solve Business School are designed in such a way that everyone interested to gain knowledge can afford it. We aim at making quality education accessible to enthusiasts.

Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony

Solve Business School will conduct a graduation ceremony every year where all the fresh graduates will be invited to attend the ceremony and receive their respective certificate of graduation.

Standard Course
Standard Course

Solve Business School follows the standard course followed by various top universities around the world based on the Oxford Tutorial Model ie. one-to-one teaching method assigning a lecturer for consulting each.

International Event
International Event

Solve students get the opportunity to gain experiential knowledge by participating in international events like Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Young Leaders Conference among others.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Solve Business School is to provide high quality innovative learning platform grooming the leadership and entrepreneurial mindset.


The vision of Solve Business School is to be the institution providing the high quality innovative learning platform and creating the largest network of leaders and entrepreneurs.  

Benefits of Studying with Solve Business School

Providing an innovative approach to modern education, solve business school will nurture and prepare you to begin your professional life immediately after you graduate from SBS.

  • Convenient learning
  • Modernized and technology-based education
  • Highly qualified and professional teaching faculty
  • The best combination of new information and lifetime experiences.
  • The qualification provided by SBS is accredited by universities all around the world.
  • The skills and knowledge that will help you professionally
  • Quality education at an affordable price
  • International exposure with an opportunity to grow your network
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • A wide range of educational qualification that will meet your learning requirements

Innovative Learning Platform

Solve Business School provides its students an innovative learning platform by providing the unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. The Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s qualification of Solve Business School is recognized and accepted all around the world.

Besides, the international events organized by Solve Business School helps to get the necessary exposure along with the global network and this unique feature is provided by Solve Business School only.

The discussion forum of Solve Business School provides the learner a unique and innovative learning platform where every individual can interact and learn more.

Global Recognition and Partnership

For past 3 years, Solve Business School has proved to be one of the best school for the entrepreneurs and young leaders. With the qualification and recognition from various educational and non-educational institution of different parts of the world, Solve Business School has been able to provide the unique learning platform for the young minds.

Meet Our International Faculty

The faculty is formed by teachers Alumni of top standard Universities, known for their humility, their eagerness to help others and their hunger of contributing to solve the most important issues our world is facing.