is surrounded by wide green spaces, the School is located in a privileged environment.
Centrally located, it is only 1h30 from Paris and 10 minutes from the city-center. The Solve Business School (SBS) offers top-standards Bachelor, Diploma, and Master in Entrepreneurship & International Leadership.

The Campus

The course will take place in a highly privileged place. The 700 m2 building is fully equipped to allow you study in the best conditions. Centrally located at 10 minutes from the city center, the train station, near wide green spaces, you will have access to the best commodities. Our secretary is here to help you with any request and facilitate your daily school life!

The Center of France

VIERZON, a city of around 30.000 inhabitants, has a strong industrial past. Metal, glass and agriculture machinery dominate the past industrial activity. Until 1779, Vierzon lived from trade and crafts before stepping into the era of industrialization. In 1779, the Count of Artois (Charles X) created along the river Yèvre a forge with high furnaces.
The presence of heat resistant clay enabled the development of porcelain manufacturing starting in 1816. However, the specialty of Vierzon remained the agricultural machinery. Thanks to Célestin Gérard, was created La Société Française de Matériel Agricole et Industriel, which trigerred the arrival of many industrials. Many factories have flourished at that time like CASE.
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Vierzon is geographically exactly the center of France. Centrally located, the city has been a central point of connection for decades: it is accessible by the highways A85 and A71 for the north and east the A20 on the north and west. It is also located at the junction of the Departmental roads: D2020, D2076 and the D918.
By train, it is possible to reach Paris in only 1h30 to have a break by sightseeing, going to a concert or simply hanging out!
Vierzon is deeply anchored in wide natural area: at the junction of 5 rivers ( including the Yèvre, the Cher) and a huge forest of 3000 ha (Sologne and Berry).


Vierzon history began with the prehistoric settlement at Bellon which had to be rebuilt after the destruction by Caesar. A Merovingian castle was built which was subsequently taken over by the Normans. They became lords of Vierzon and the city developed inside the ramparts to the west of the Château. Richard Coeur de Lion burnt the town and the castle (1136). In 1370, the English were thrown out of the city and Vierzon came back to the French. Though Vierzon was affected by the wars of religions in the 16th century, it remained catholic. The city has to be rebuilt after being destroyed b the WWII.


The SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL is ideally located in the city center of Vierzon, near all commodities and only from 5 minutes on foot from the train station (Vierzon-Ville).
The city center is full of a variety of restaurants and shops, just like the North in the l'Orée de Sologne area.
The other advantage is that the rent of the apartments is very cheap: 1/3 of Paris prices. In other words, what one saves from the rent over a year in Vierzon is almost the equivalent of the tuitions. Inhabitants of Vierzon are very warm and welcoming and will not hesitate to help you for anything. You will feel like home very quickly!