Diploma in International Leadership

Diploma in International Leadership

Duration: 12 months

Diploma in International Leadership is a unique course of the Solve Business School as the course will be designed for the high school students/ graduates, senior high school students and all other people interested in international leadership. The course will focus on building business leadership, corporate leadership and community-based leadership at an early age and become the leader of next-generation through innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • High school or any other equivalent qualification
  • A certificate of English proficiency IELTS, TOEFL or Providence that you studied in English

The assessment will be done on the basis of the assignment submitted ie. there will be no written exams.

The fee of the course Diploma in International Leadership is

  • On-Campus Learning: USD 15,000
  • Interactive Learning: USD 2,500

The fee includes

  1.       All course material
  2.       Registration fee of the event *
  3.       Fees of Graduation*

*Conditions applied

Payment Plans

The fee of the course can be paid via Bank Transfer.

To enroll in the Diploma in International Leadership program, follow the following steps:

  1. Fill the enrollment form online at the link: https://sbs.edu.eu/apply-for-solve-business-school/
  2. After you receive the acceptance email, pay the enrollment fee