Sungwon YANG

Mr. Sungwon YANG

Teacher - South Korea
Sungwon Yang was born and raised in South Korea. Sungwon studied Management Information Systems but decided to take his childhood dream job seriously and became a fire fighter.
While Sungwon was serving as a paramedic, rescuer and fireman, he became fascinated by how new technological innovations enabled him to save more lives – he decided to become an innovator.
Sungwon co-founded an award winning media startup, Haple, in 2006 during his second year at university. The company’s patented business model was first of its kind in the industry. In essence, the company offers a customised and web based radio show which allow consumers to purchase celebrity time at competitive rates in real time.

SIn 2010, Sungwon left his startup and moved to Australia where he joined KPMG’s Management Consulting team. He has vast experience in management consulting and have and provided strategic advices to 23 companies across 8 industries. Sungwon also led and was part of the development of 7 ventures and 6 new programs in KPMG. He won the company’s innovation competition and founded a $10M business within KPMG.Sungwon also co-founded Officiser – an active footrest that allows you to move your legs while sitting and introduced it through Kickstarter where it was a success.

Sungwon is currently working at Australia Post where he leads the development and management of the company’s online shopping innovation pipeline. Sungwon works with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver rapid customer and business insights and develop minimum viable products through learn experimentation and Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology.

Sungwon is also a speaker at the prestigious Asian Leadership Conference:


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