Mrs. Djamila Youcef-Khodja

The world is facing so many global challenges but at the same time going through a wonderful conscious awareness of innovative individuals from every part of the globe willing to help the world community. And we know that you are part of these amazing and ambitious people: talented, determined, community-oriented, risk taker, enthusiastic and of course ready to change the world. In other words, a true entrepreneur!

And the SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL is here to help you and guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. The SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL allies the empathy and the efficiency this world needs to leverage the global challenges it is facing. Surrounded by a Faculty formed by Alumni from the best universities in the world, and students sharing the same spirit, you will feel very quickly that you are in the right place.

The SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL is indeed the closest school to your heart. It is not only a school but also a transformational path and an exciting adventure. At the SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL, you will find the warmful family you need to complete your educational path. The SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL believes in you and your potential and modelizes its approach according to it so you can feel the growth throughout the learning process.

Coached by a Faculty of Alumni from the world top universities, award-winners, international speakers, you will feel recognized, respected, valued and empowered thanks to outstanding resources either human or intellectual. Moreover, teachers are experienced and most of them are successful CEOs and thus willing to fulfill your thirst of knowledge as well as to guide you in every step of your transformational path. The SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL team is fully student-oriented prompt to provide you with all the necessary information you will need to reflect on the courses.

At the SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL, we train a new generation of entrepreneurs. Our programs are top standard and designed to add a great value to your curriculum, broaden your horizons and upgrade your ambitions to a global level. The range of our courses is comprehensive and aims at giving you the best knowledge and tools for a 360° vision of the surrounding environment.

Are you ready for the SBS adventure?

If you feel entrepreneurship and innovation running in our blood, then join us quickly to be part of an amazing, unforgettable and life-changing adventure!

 – Mrs. Djamila Youcef-Khodja
    President, Solve Business School

Khagendra Acharya
Mr. Khagendra Acharya

With a firm belief that an academic institution should be under the supervision and care of academic professionals and experienced specialists from different corner of the world, we have come together to establish SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Welcome to SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL where the students work hard in searching for their academic success and entering into a life-changing educational experience.  The faculty / administrative staffs are specialized to meet and nurture the requirements of our students. At SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL, students will have excess to a variety of learning resource to assist them in their journey to success.

SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL is dedicated for providing a well-rounded educational experience for the students so that they can immediately initiate their professional life. We also hold on to the belief that in order to groom the successful graduates, we should not just focus on the academic part but also guide the student towards the overall growth that is required in today’s competitive world. SOLVE BUSINESS SCHOOL believes theoretical knowledge with practical exposure is must for the students to establish themselves and set impact in the community. Thus, SBS provides opportunities for global exposure.

I look forward to marching towards the journey of your success and accomplishment together in days to come.

 – Khagendra Acharya
    Chief Executive Officer, Solve Business School


Djamila Youcef-Khodja

Khagendra Acharya

Khagendra Acharya
Chief Executive Officer

Julie Ciancio

Dr. Julie Ciancio
Board Member

Robin RICE

Robin Rice
Board Member

Khagendra Acharya

Khagendra Acharya
Chief Executive Officer

Parshu Aryal

Parshu Aryal
Executive Director

Firoj Ghimire

Firoj Ghimire
Associate Director

Tafhimur Rahman

Tafhimur Rahman
Admissions Director

Dr Altaf Samo

Dr. Altaf SAMO

Teacher - Pakistan
Dr. Rey Rosales


Teacher - Canada
Murray Saylor

Mr. Murray Saylor

Teacher - Australia
Sungwon YANG

Mr. Sungwon YANG

Teacher - South Korea


Teacher - Bahrain
José Carlos

Mr. José Carlos

Teacher - Mexico


Teacher - USA


Teacher - Indonesia

Mrs. Yina SONG

Teacher - Singapore
Dr. Carlos ATORE

Dr. Carlos ATORE

Teacher - USA


Teacher - Peru

Mrs. Karen RAMON

Teacher - USA